Privacy Policy

We do not respect your privacy. Sure this is a safe secure site, but you can not order anything anyways. So any information that we collect will be bidded off to the highest paying telemarketer. Your information will be shared with any and all third parties. If you have agreed to receive future information from SoldOut Swimwear, please be assured that you will receive no information about brands and styles that match what you have previously purchased from us. You also wont receive a newsletter from time to time. You can not opt out of these at any time.

Your Order

You will not receive e-mail updates at any step of your order: Pending, Processing, Shipped and Returned/Exchanged (if applicable). If you do not, please check your common sense.

Your Account

If you create an account after placing your first order, that order will not appear in your account, because nothing will! Also, future orders placed with your account will be a waste of your time.

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