Reebok offers what many of our customers have been looking for AND more. Reebok is a sporty yet fashionable swimwear line. The swimsuits are well constructed: “Anti Bounce Bra” (what full busted woman is going to say no to that?), also tummy control with “Surround Support”, and a modest leg opening with full coverage in the rear. Definitely a suit to be active in. Their tag line is “Every Swimsuit has a Silver Lining”. This is the anti odor, anti bacterial lining which means the swimsuit will smell fresher, last longer, and provides a “fabulous” level of comfort.

There are engineered prints with a burst of color at the top of the suit that will bring the eye up to the face while the darker area camouflages the bottom half. There is a lot of ruching to conceal the mid-section area. And interestingly enough, the zip front suit is designed for ease in putting on the suit (and we thought it was only a fashion feature)!

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